Welcome to my August Ezine article.  I hope everyone is enjoying the last month of summer.
I want to share with you our family vacation adventures.  Last week, my family and I was given the chance to get away for a week.  With the Covid restriction it was hard to plan something that will be able to enjoy our time together as a family and be safe at the same time.  But with careful planning and consideration I was able to book a week holiday in Banff,  Calgary.

Everyone was very excited to get on a plane but being very careful to wear our mask, sanitize our hands, and practice physical distance each time.

It was a 4 hour flight but didn’t feel as much as we we’re all excited to go!

On our first tour,  we went and see the astonishing, majestic Lake Louise.  It was a picturesque place!  The turquoise colour of the water from the lake that mirrors the view of the mountain with ice glacier on top was breathtaking.  The scene was very serene and peaceful.  We took canoeing to enjoy the time on the lake.  After canoeing we went and hike the trails of Lake Louise.  I managed to hiked for 4 km uphill.  But the other 4 km hike down was another thing. It was more harder to hike down as you have to take extras careful to not to stumble.  It was hard work out but I always reminded myself to not give up and keep going.  And I was happy to get to the bottom of the trail!

Second day, we went boating in the Lake of Minnewanka.  It was exciting to do as it was our first time boating as a family.  We finished the tour by having a picnic at the shore.

Third day was a trip to the town of Banff, and explore downtown. The place has a lot to offer.  We saw the Iconic Fairmont Hotel.    We did rock climbing and end the day by a dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

On our fourth day, we explore the Yoho National Park in British Columbia. It was 2 and a half hours drive away.  We went to Emerald Lake and hiked it as well.  The water from the spring was so clear.  We ended up having a taste  of it!   It was sweet and cold to drink at the same time.  It was so refreshing!  We finished the hike by having a picnic with an excellent view of the mountain.

On our fifth day,  we explore Kananaskis County.  We did paddle boarding and swimming after.  I realized how beautiful Canada is!  The place reminded me of Switzerland as the glacier mountains and the nice weather complemented each other.

On our last day of vacation,  we winded it down by taking a stroll of the town and was thinking of buying a property.  The place for me is ideal for retirement as you can enjoy your day by taking a hike on the mountain or just paddle or canoe on the beautiful, serene lakes.  I told myself this will be in one of my bucket list to achieve!

As always this has reminded me of investing in Real Estate.  Because of it, It enable me the capability and capacity to take my family for this trip.  The best part is taking time off to enjoy each other’s company as a family.  We all had a good time and quality time together.

Wish everyone to take care of each other and be reminded of our love to our family.  As for me. they’re by biggest WHY!

Take care everyone and until my next Ezine!























Real Estate vs. Stocks

Investing in real estate or stocks is a personal choice that depends on your pocketbook, risk tolerance, goals, and investment style. It’s safe to assume that more people invest in the stock market, perhaps because it doesn’t take as much time or money to buy stocks. If you’re buying real estate, you’re going to have to save and put down a substantial amount of money.

When you buy stocks, you buy a tiny piece of that company. In general, you make money two ways: As the value of the company’s stock increases, the value of your investment goes up, too. And, depending on the company, you may receive regular dividends, which you can reinvestto grow your investment.

When you buy real estate, you acquire physical land or property. Most real estate investors make money by collecting rents (which can provide a steady income stream) and through appreciation, as the property’s value goes up. Also, since real estate can be leveraged, it’s possible to expand your holdings even if you can’t afford to pay cash outright.

For many prospective investors, real estate is appealing because it is a tangible asset that can be controlled, with the added benefit of diversification. Real estate investors who buy property own something concrete for which they can be accountable. Note that this article does not focus on real estate investment trusts (REITs), which are a way to invest in real estate through financial products that are bought and sold like stocks.

There are a number of considerations for investors when choosing between investing in stocks or buying real estate as an investment.




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